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Child Death Overview Panel

The Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) is a joint subgroup of Kingston and Richmond Safeguarding Children Partnership (KRSCP). Through a comprehensive and multidisciplinary review of child deaths, the CDOP aims to better understand how and why children in Kingston and Richmond die and use the findings to take action to prevent other deaths and improve the health and safety of children, and the bereavement support and follow-up available to families.

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To notify a child death

To notify a child death, please click on the link below which will take you to the secure notification platform:


Notifications may be completed by anybody and it’s helpful to receive any available information as soon as possible. 

Please note you need to select whether the death is expected or unexpected. The definition of unexpected is the death of an infant or child which was not anticipated as a significant possibility for example, 24 hours before the death; or where there was an unexpected collapse or incident leading to or precipitating the events which lead to the death.

Please remember to download and save a copy of your notification for your records when completed, by selecting ‘Submit and Print’.

If you need any assistance you may contact the CDOP Coordinator on 07469 100487 within office hours Monday to Friday.