Quality And Innovation Subgroup

Quality and Innovation Sub-Group 

Workstream 1 Quality & Innovation

The quality assurance framework is closely connected to the learning and improvement framework to provide independent scrutiny, thematic deep dives, understanding of multi-agency performance, and challenge of individual agencies, including schools and the wider safeguarding partnership. This includes oversight of Section 11 safeguarding evaluations and the work of our local commissioners. This workstream is delivered primarily through our Quality and Innovation (Q&I) Subgroup.

There will remain a core need for the Sub-Group to develop the clearest possible understanding of current safeguarding delivery through requiring each partner to provide specified information in relation to

  • performance outcome data,
  • quality audit findings
  • views of children and families.


Our forward plan for 2019-2020 can be viewed here

Our terms of reference can be seen here

Our members list can be seen here

Please find Chris Robson, our Independent Scrutineer's deep dive into the theme of Missing Children January 2020 here. Please also find the Supplementary Report here.

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