Early Help

Resilience Networks

Resilience Network meetings were launched in January 2021 for partners to attend with any low level concerns regarding a child or young person they are working with. These meetings will continue on a monthly basis. Please contact the relevant person linked to the age group, see below.

Booking Information
The resilience network meetings offer support and guidance to partner agencies in the provision of early help to children and families. 

The resilience networks will take place in Kingston and Richmond and be arranged into age groups. Please ensure that you book on to the correct session for the age range of the children that you are working with.

Networks will take place monthly and will be facilitated via google meets. Once you have booked a place on AfC CPD Online an attachment will be on the email confirmation. 

Link to CPD online - AfC CPD Online Please use the search box on the right side of your screen to identify Resilience Networks in either boroughers and the age range, information. the meetings are held every month.

Please contact Claire.Grayson@achievingforchildren.org.uk if you require any support with booking a place.


Age group  Lead Contact

Sharon Karikari, Senior Early Help Practitioner 

07824 503363


Rebecca Eggleton-Wills, Senior Early Help Practitioner 

07824 334750


Dasha Kuzina, Team Leader

 07795 494705



Age group Lead Contact

Ashley Jones, Team Leader 

07864 609557


Chloe Walsh, Senior Early Help Practitioner 

07864 609554


Richard Laryea, Senior Early Help Practitioner

07864 609561