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Child Exploitation - MARVE

Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Exploitation

In response to identified national and local trends concerning the multi-faceted nature of child exploitation and adolescent risk including but not limited to County Lines, Knife Crime, Trafficking, Gangs and Groups. AFC in partnership with the Met Police and KRSCP have streamlined and established a new Multi Agency Risk & Vulnerability panel that will consider children at risk or vulnerable to all forms of child exploitation. The new panel is called MARVE and is similar to developments across London Boroughs. 

MARVE Strategy

Youth Safety Strategy

Pan London Exploitation Protocol 2021

Pan London Exploitation Protocol 2021 PowerPoint

Self-reflection tool for LSCBs

Understanding Child Sexual Expolitation & Charlie's story

Useful Resources:

Posters and postcards from the Alexei Project of CSE Principles.

Our words can make a big difference to how we work with children and young people at risk of explotiation and other safeguarding concerns. Please see this guide here.

Information about  local Contextual Safeguarding and Exploitation Conferences is here:

Please click here to see our 7 minute briefing on London best practice around Serious Youth Violence.

Please find some case studies which illustrate our local engagement here.