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KRSCP December 2021

Welcome to our December 2021 newsletter
I am glad that we have reached the end of a troubling and challenging year. On behalf of the Partnership, Detective Superintendent Andrew Wadey, Met Police, and Ian Dodds, Director of Children's Services, Thank You for volunteering or working so hard with our local families this year. Thank you for going the extra mile and ensuring the best possible for those at risk. We think particularly of all those frontline workers who will be working over the bank holidays- thank you too. 

We have had some new members to our Strategic Leadership Group as Education makes our fourth Statutory Partner- Sophie Cavanagh, Headteacher Kingston Academy, continues to represent secondary colleagues and is joined by Elizabeth Tongue, Headteacher Waldegrave School, Richmond. For primary colleagues, we welcome Esther White, Headteacher, Surbiton Nursery, Dalene Johnson, Castlehill Primary, and Rachel Seivright-Nye, Tolworth Infants, Kingston, Susie Bywaters, Headteacher, Broomfield House, and Polly Fraley, Headteacher, Unicorn School, Richmond. Find out more here.

Thinking of schools and some of our forgotten safeguarding heroes, what about caretakers? Unison has an interesting article about our school caretakers in Richmond and Wandsworth, very much some of our unsung Partners, and our eyes and ears to look out for vulnerable children and their families. Do remember your whole staff and volunteer group when thinking about safeguarding training. Have a look here.

Lastly, looking forward, our Partnership vision is "Working Together to keep children's safety and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do". We are setting out KRSCP Priorities 2022-24: help us shape our children safeguarding priorities and realise our vision in Kingston and Richmond going forward- fill in our survey here to let us know your views. 

Seasonal greetings, and Happy New Year 2022.

Fergus Keegan
Partnership Chair


Festive season fun and party pitfalls (things to avoid)
We know that the party season is an opportunity for young people to experiment with substances, even more so when last Christmas was affected so much by lockdown. 

Our local festive season campaign messaging for young  people aged 13 to 19 includes a focus on safer drinking, substance misuse, looking out for yourself and your friends when you’re out, consent, and what to do if things don’t quite go to plan. Kingston Public Health and Community Safety have worked with Project X and Richmond Public Health to produce key harm minimisation information on the SWLondon Getting it On (GIO) Website via the URL, where service signposting can also be found.

Call to action:

  • Partners working with young people are asked to promote the campaign via the festive season campaign URL and/or by requesting social media assets to link. 
  • Services should get in touch to update their service information if necessary on GIO, or with any other website feedback. 
  • Services are encouraged to add GIO information to their staff briefings and young people’s information going forward - also ask for posters & promotion freebies. 
  • Contact GIO leads or

Christmas Day Dinner
For the last few years, some terrific people in Kingston and Richmond have put together a Christmas Day Dinner for our local care leavers. If you and your work team are looking for a good cause to sponsor or volunteer with, why not look here.

Seasonal stressors
Christmas can be a very stressful time of year for families, and we know people are struggling with changes in benefits, fuel poverty and pressure from landlords for rent. For free debt support in any language, the CABs (Citizen Advice Bureaux are the place to start: There are also lots of other matters they can help with too: housing, legal advice, immigration. 

Kingston CAB:
Richmond CAB:

Christmas can also be a time of increased loneliness, isolation and mental health pressures: The Samaritans is a good point of contact face to face, by phone or online in each borough

Kingston Samaritans:
Richmond Samaritans:

Kooth works across both boroughs and offers online mental health support and counselling: 

There is a 24/7 NHS crisis line for children, young people's and adults mental health concerns: call 0800 028 8000. South West London St George's Mental Health Trust provides this service for those who are known to them or anyone else in crisis. 

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders
Local learning has shown us the importance of understanding the needs of those on the verge of a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or who have a diagnosis and what this means for communication, cognition and everyday life- especially keeping safe. 

David SCR (Serious Case Review) helps us understand the needs of young people  in adolescence and as they move to adult services around the age of 18 onwards. 

Westminster LSCP published this Serious Case Review in April 2021 following a high profile incident. David had an diagnosis of autism and a personality disorder and was looked after. At the age of 17 when he was at an art gallery unaccompanied, when the trigger incident took place and a child was seriously injured.  There is learning about how people can move from needing little additional support to facing a crisis very swiftly,  their symptoms of distress, and case management for those young people approaching transition, when they have complex needs. 

You can find the report here.

Please remember the impact on siblings, parents and carers for those caring for a young person with ASD, and advice for them to have a carer's assessment  and for siblings to be referred to Young Carers Projects in both boroughs:



Mental Health Resources
Youth Outloud prepared some great resources and a film about mental health in May this year, which includes Korean subtitles. Find out more here.

CAMHS produced this userful video about ADHD with users here

This is a helpful self harm video from Scarborough CAMHS here.

Elective Home Education
Elective Home Education remains a line of interest for our Partnership work, especially as numbers have risen, partially as a result of the pandemic, both nationally and locally. Did you know that at the end of September 2021 there were 224 children  in Kingston and  183 children in Richmond being educated at home? That means GPs, universal services. Police can't assume someone will be in school or college every day. We will be looking at this theme at our Quality and Innovation Subgroup in February. Please let us know if you have any views or feedback about Elective Home Education:

AfC Elective Home Education (EHE) guidance has been updated: Please find a copy of their revised EHE information and guidance for families which is now published here.

Learning and Development
KRSCP is committed to continuing to deliver high-standard safeguarding training. KRSCP has decided to continue to deliver training to ensure practitioners and professionals are empowered and equipped to safeguard those they support, however until further notice, KRSCP training takes place as remote live webinars, unless otherwise stated.

As a Partnership, we have had to take a difficult decision to save money by suspending some of our multi-agency additional safeguarding training. We are continuing to provide Levels 2, 3 and Refresher Safeguarding courses. We hope further courses will  be reinstated in the future. In the short term we are planning to establish training sessions and events on a variety of safeguarding topics using local experts and trainer providers who will deliver for us at no cost. If you know of anybody who would like to join our pool of local trainers please contact: KRSCP Learning & Development Manager.

To see the wider range of courses available and to book a place, please click here.

If you work within education and are interested in going on any of these courses and you can apply here.

We also have a range of Safeguarding eLearning modules available through MeLearning. To find out more click here.

KRSCP has developed a range of webcasts on a range of safeguarding topics including Think Family, Vicarious Trauma and Safe Sleep. These can be viewed as part of your own personal CPD or as part of team meetings or other group learning. The webcasts aim to stimulate reflection, discussion and debate on current safeguarding themes and issues. The webcasts can be seen via the link here.

Save the Date!
Our Virtual Multi-agency Conference will be on the morning of 25th February 2022 looking with those working with children and adults at the impact of parental mental health difficulties on children. Please join us!