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New referral pathway for Kingston and Richmond CAMHS

Kingston and Richmond : There is a new pathway for referrals into Kingston and Richmond CAMHS for children and young people with a range of mental health or emotional wellbeing concerns. Referrals are no longer made via the AfC SPA, but direct to the CAMHS SPA.

To make a referral you must complete the Word document available on the NHS website. You must send the form by secure email, i.e. include [official sensitive] in the subject line. 

More information on the new referral pathway here.



For information on edible food products containing cannabis, their risks and how to minimise harm, please see the below alerts

Edibles - alert for professionals

Edibles - alert for parents & carers

Directories for supporting families in Kingston & Richmond during the pandemic

Kingston Voluntary Action and Richmond CVS have put together helpful directories of support available locally and nationally for families at this time, including the wealth of support from the voluntary sector. Please access below:

Local, Regional and National Sources of Support for children and families in Kingston

Local, Regional and National Sources of Support for children and families in Richmond

Food and essentials - support for families in Kingston

Food and essentials - support for families in Richmond

Children's Society #LookCloser campaign
The Children's Society are running a campaign to encourage people to #LookCloser to spot the signs of exploitation. Read their leaflet on how to help protect children here.

Nitrous Oxide -Balloons, Nos, Whippits, Laughing Gas, Hippie Crack, Chargers, Noz
Please click here for more information on this drug and how to stay safe.

Black Lives Matter
KRSCP stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. You can read the statement of the Senior Leadership Group here.

LEAN - Purple Drank, Dirty Sprite, Sizzurp
LEAN is an emerging drug amongst the young people in the borough. Please click here to learn more.

Safer Sleep
Safer sleep remains a key local priority in which we can work together to reduce the risk of deaths from SIDS by ensuring all parents have access to safer sleep advice and are supported to follow this consistently. Please share our
safer sleep advice sheet with families and professionals. 

Advice is to ensure the mattress is waterproof, firm and flat. Find out more here:

Child Friendly GP Feedback
The attached feedback form has been developed by the Richmond Practice with the aim of obtaining feedback from children about their visit to the doctor's. The Richmond Practice are happy for the KRSCP to share their document and it can be downloaded by clicking here.

Breast Ironing
Breast Ironing, also known as breast flattening, is the pounding and massaging of a pubescent girl’s breasts using hard or heated objects to try to stop them developing, or to make them disappear entirely. It has been documented primarily West Africa, but there are thought to be approximately 1,000 girls at risk in the UK. A full briefing on this concerning practice can be accessed here

Breast Ironing or Breast Flattening. Find out more by clicking here here:

Xanax Update
Please read an important update from Achieving for Children on Xanax here, and access their information leaflet here.

Watch the KRSCP Private Fostering Video
Watch the short film on Private Fostering and how to notify your Local Authority in Kingston and Richmond Watch film

Richmond Safeguarding Adults Board
For information on Richmond's Safeguarding Adults Board please follow this link.

A Parents Guide to Fortnite: Battle Royale Online Game
Please click on the link below for further details.

CSE resources
These resources have been developed by the ‘CSE Principles Comic Project (2017) by Una Comics and the University of Bedfordshire’. Copyright of the images belongs to Una Comics. 

Researchers from the ‘International Centre: researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking’ conducted focus groups with young people in different Hub and Spoke projects, asking them about their experiences of CSE services.  From this they have developed 10 principles are based on a review of the experiences of young people affected by CSE, and each is accompanied by explanatory text and two quotes from young people that illustrate different elements of the principle. 

To see the resources click here

Green Book has been Refreshed November 2017
For Voluntary, Community, Faith and private organisations to raise awareness and ensure robust policies and procedures are in place within your organisations. Download here.

Directory of Resources in Richmond and Kingston
From our local learning we have developed details of resources around sexual abuse, sexual health and emotional wellbeing in Kingston, Richmond, local and national for parents, children and young people.  Download here.

Support for Transgender & Non-binary Communities
Trans Unite which allows members of the transgender & non-binary communities to find a support group local to them (or even an online-only group):

Our website is located here:

The site is run by volunteers and a not for profit organisation We are the most up to date resource for the UK and online based support groups; users can find a local group and even message them directly from our site using the "Contact Group" button. We don't store any details and the site is secured by SSL.

We're verifying and adding groups on an ongoing basis with our next focus being online groups with Discord Servers, Telegram and Facebook groups becoming increasingly popular to compliment those that meet up in person.

KRSCP Water Safety Bulletin
Please read, share, and display our bulletin on water safety to help reduce the risk to children and young people of drowning this summer.

Terrorist Attacks - Tips for Talking to Children 
For parents and professionals.  Many children will be upset by the terrible news of terrorist attacks recently.  Several people have died and many people have been injured.  Although such events can be difficult to discuss with children and young people, it's really important that you do address any anxieties they may have as a result of what they've heard.  It is important to avoid causing further distress.  However, children and young people should be encouraged to talk about their feelings and anxieties if they want to.
Here are a few tips to help you deal with this difficult topic

Single Point of Access Update
Richmond and Kingston Single Point of Access (SPA) teams are now been integrated and are based at Kingston Guildhall 2.
The number for both Richmond and Kingston is 020 8547 5008.

Child Sexual Exploitation Definition
The government has issued a standard definition of Child Sexual Exploitation. For full information and guidance click here.

Staying Safe - Information and advice on support available for young people
You can access details of support available for young people locally and nationally, including details of the local youth service and youth clubs, substance misuse support service and other teams that can offer help here. Additionally for specific information and advice regarding ecstasy, please download this information sheet.

Disrespect NoBody
The Home Office has launched Disrespect NoBody, a campaign to help young people understand what a healthy relationship is and re-think their views of controlling behaviour, violence, abuse, sexual abuse and consent. Click here for more information.

Safety Alert issued by Playtime Beds
Playtime Beds Ltd are recalling all cots, beds & bunks following a child’s death. For more info call 03454 040506.

For general advice on safe sleeping please visit:

BedNest Safety Warning after death of 7 week old
Parents and professionals who are aware of babies sleeping in BedNest Cribs should be aware of a risk posed by versions manufactured prior to November 2015 that have not been modified. These risks were identified following the death of a 7 week old baby in West Sussex. You can find further information on how to ensure your BedNest crib is safe by visiting

Child Referral Flowchart
KRSCP have recently produced a Child Refferal Flowchart, please follow this link to view it.
Child Referral Flowchart

Think Sepsis
A new film has been launched that highlights the key signs that healthcare staff should be looking for and asks them to consider whether a child could be affected by sepsis and what actions they should take if sepsis is suspected. 
The film and other new resources aim to reduce the risk of preventable child deaths through earlier identification and management of sepsis.

NHS FGM Campaign
Department of Health launched a new NHS FGM campaign. They’ve recorded a video, called ‘FGM: The Facts’ on NHS Choices – The film features a roundtable table discussion led by Henry Bonsu, a well-known British African broadcaster, together with a panel of experts all speaking openly and candidly about FGM.  Alongside the film, they have also produced some short social media videos which are being distributed via Facebook. The film has been broadcasted on several UK African satellite TV channels.

Alright Charlie – free resource for awareness raising of grooming of young children
A new free resource, ‘Alright Charlie’ is available from the BLAST project aimed at raising awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation and grooming in primary school aged children is available here

Safeguarding Policy Checklist
Andrew Hall’s Safeguarding Briefing for schools continues to provide helpful up to date information for LSCBs. The latest edition notes that each school's Safeguarding Policy needs to be reviewed every year and provides a Safeguarding Policy Checklist to help schools assess any gaps. You can download the checklist here

Early Help Assessment
The Early Help Assessment and Planning Tool is now live and can be accessed here. (Scroll down the page to 'Downloads for practitioners'.)
Multi-agency training on the use of the tool is available to book via CPD Online.
KRSCP has updated the Multi-agency Threshold Document in the light of the Early Help Assessment.

9 top tips to use when assessing whether a child is being neglected
This online resource provides guidance on assessing whether a child is being neglected, and working with them and their families to recognise and reduce the impact.

DfE Child protection campaign: Together, we can tackle child abuse
If you think a child is being abused or you think their safety is at risk, then it is important to tell someone. You don’t have to be absolutely certain about whether a child is being abused; if you have a feeling that something’s not right, talk to your local children’s social care team who can look into it.
Visit to get the number for your local authority.

Whistleblowing about children's social care services to Ofsted
Revised policy and guidance for whistleblowers: ‘Whistleblowing to Ofsted about children's social care services’.
Read more

ChildLine Free School Services for Kingston and Richmond
The ChildLine Schools Service (part of the NSPCC) is a FREE OF CHARGE, interactive and engaging programme for all primary schools across the UK. 
Read more

A quick glance guide to Orders regarding sexual harm/offences
Read more

Suicide prevention app: Stay alive
This app offers help and support both to people with thoughts of suicide and to people concerned about someone else. This is the first version of Stay Alive and there are plans to further develop it including a location-enabled function to show the user support services in their vicinity.
Read more

NSPCC Information on Neglect
Vist the NSPCC website for more information on neglect  
please click here

Psychoactive Substances Act
The Psychoactive Substances Act came into effect on 6th April 2016. The main intention of the Act is to shut down shops and websites that currently trade in ‘legal highs’. You can find out more about the act here. For further advice and guidance on psyhoactive substances Talk to Frank has helpful information.