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Exploitation support pack for parents and carers

Public health has developed a support pack for local parents and carers who are concerned that their child could be, or is, experiencing exploitation:

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The pack is primarily for parents whose children have experienced exploitation (or where they are concerned that they may be) either by their peers or adults. It is designed to help parents and carers reduce the risk of further exploitation; help understand what is happening if it does; and provides tips, helpful information and guidance to protect and support their child going forwards.

While the pack is a useful tool for parents and carers to access as needed, it can also be used as a useful reference guide for professionals and support workers who provide support for parents and carers. The pack considers the following, and more:

  • What exploitation is and how it can happen
  • Strategies for talking to children about exploitation
  • Useful tips for preventing exploitation on-line
  • What to do if a child goes missing
  • Living and coping with exploitation

The pack, which has been developed in partnership with local parents, exploitation services, children’s safeguarding partnerships, public health teams and the Police Borough Command Unit, is also available for parents and workers to download on the local website.