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Child Death Overview Panel

All deaths of children in England are reviewed by a Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP). The purpose is to identify any learning and recommendations that may help prevent future deaths. The chlid death review process also has a role in ensuring that bereaved families receive appropriate support. There is a national leaflet for families whose child has died which explains more about the different processes that may occur when a child dies and possible sources of support, which you can access here.

Local contact for child death reviews

The Single Point of Contact for child death reviews in Kingston and Richmond is Sarah Bennett, telephone number 07469 100487.

From October 2019 child death reviews in Kingston and Richmond are reported to the South West London Child Death Overview Panel but were previously undertaken by Kingston and Richmond CDOP. We have included on this page newsletters and annual reports previously produced by Kingston and Richmond CDOP for your information. We will update this page with information from the new SWL CDOP as soon as it is available.

Kingston & Richmond CDOP Newsletters


Kingston & Richmond CDOP Annual Reports

From 2017-18 we have produced an abridged version of our annual report whic may be made available to the public: