Parents & Carers

Radicalisation And Extremism

The following information can be downloaded to ensure that children and young people are kept safe from radicalisation and extremism:

Advice to parents and carers: Keeping children and young people safe against radicalisation and extremism - Download


Terror Attacks

Many children will be upset by recent news of terror attacks. Although such events are hard to discuss with children and young people it is important that parents, carers and professionals address any anxieties they may have as a result of what they have heard or seen. It is important to avoid causing further distress. 

Things to remember:

  • Talk to children using words they understand; give information to younger children a bit at a time
  • Try and encourage children to ask questions
  • Answer questions honestly and simply; talking about it won’t make it worse
  • Accept that some things can’t be "made better" 
  • Show willingness to talk about difficult things and use this as an opportunity to reassure them
  • If children are asking questions, it is a good thing – it shows they trust you and it is better than keeping questions and worries to themselves 
  • Remember that "super parents" or "super teachers" don’t exist. Just do and say what you can
  • Don’t be afraid to show children how you are feeling


 For more information go to Freephone Helpline: 08088 020021