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I am delighted to introduce Sophie McGeogh Headteacher of Meadlands Primary School (pictured right) and Sophie Cavanagh, Headteacher of The Kingston Academy (pictured left) as your education representatives on the Safeguarding Children Partnership's SLG  (Strategic Leadership Group). If you have anything you want bringing to their attention, such as strategic themes to take forward, please email to let them know.

  1. Keeping Children Safe in Education
  2. Model safeguarding policy
  3. Safer Recruitment Policy
  4. Safer Recruitment - Minimum Expectations
  5. FGM Policy
  6. School Safeguarding Training Expectations
  7. Covid-19 model addendum to your safeguarding policy

Round Up Newsletters

  1. Round Up Newsletter Spring 2021
  2. Round Up Newsletter Autumn 2020
  3. Round Up Newsletter Summer 2020
  4. Round Up Newsletter Spring 2020
  5. Round Up Newsletter Autumn 2019

Schools need to submit an annual Section 11 safeguarding audit to us. We recommend this auditing tool. Please click here to download it.

Please click here to see our Top Ten Tips for safeguarding in schools during lockdown.

In Safe Hands Newsletters

These In Safe Hands newsletters for primary schools and secondary schools are written for local children and young people by local children and young people and explore lockdown through their eyes with some useful tips and where to get help if it is needed:

Primary School version
Secondary School version

Peer Supervision Training
We are delighted to have won a DFE grant to develop and deliver peer supervision training to an appropriate member of every school and nursery/preschool team to equip them with the skills to deliver peer supervision to the DSL/DSL team. The role of the DSL is an emotionally challenging one and it is very important that our DSLs feel emotionally supported to enable them to carry out their work to the best of their ability. For more information please read the attached document
"Detailed Communication for Peer Supervision".