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Information on Child Sexual Exploitation by Barnardo's
What can I do as a parent or a carer? - Download
What can I do as a professional? - Download
What can I do? – Service sector - Download
Three top tips to keep safe - Download

Useful information you can download from Kingston and Richmond Safeguarding Children Partnership.
Could this be you or a friend? - Download
This flyer has useful information about raising awareness about child sexual exploitation and where to go to get help.

A guide for parents and carers to protect children they know from child sexual exploitation - Download

KRSCP Child Sexual Exploitation Fact Sheet - Download

Operation Make Safe and Child Sexual Exploitation (information in Korean) - Download

Child Sexual Exploitation Fact Sheet (information in Korean) -

Protect and Respect an initiative from the NSPCC Service Centre in Croydon (which covers Kingston and Richmond) offers preventative, protective and recovery initiatives to young people between ages of 11-19, who have been sexually exploited or who are vulnerable to this form of abuse. This initiative supports children who have been trafficked and have been separated from their families, those who are unaccompanied asylum seekers and looked after children.