Learning And Development

IMPORTANT - Changes to KRSCP Training

As of 12 August 2016, management of the KRSCP training has moved from the Workforce Development Team to the KRSCP.

A brief FAQ with more information for agencies can be accessed here.  

What training does Kingston and Richmond Local Safeguarding Children Partnership (KRSCP) offer?

Kingston and Richmond Local Safeguarding Children Partnership (KRSCP) Training Programme provides courses, briefings and workshops with a focus on multi-agency training which complements training already available within individual agencies. It not only covers child protection issues but deals with the broad area of safeguarding.  

The latest training calendar can be downloaded here. To enrol on any of our courses please visit our portal.

Signs of Safety

Achieving for Children is rolling out Signs of Safety as its primary operating model from 19 June 2017.

The Signs of Safety model is a tool intended to help practitioners with risk assessment and safety planning in child protection cases.

Its purpose is to enable practitioners across different disciplines to work collaboratively and in partnership with families and children. The tools are designed to help conduct risk assessments and produce action plans for increasing safety, and to reduce risk and danger by identifying areas that need change while focusing on strengths, resources and networks that the family have.

Created by Andrew Turnell and Steve Edwards in Western Australia during the 1990s, Signs of Safety is now used in at least 12 different countries across Australasia, North America and Europe.  Further information on this can be found here.

AfC (Achieving for Children) is offering free general briefings about Signs of Safety or 2 day training for those who attend Child Protection Conferences and Core Groups. Follow the link