Concerned About A Child?

Children can only be properly protected if everyone involved with them works together effectively. It is everyone’s responsibility to help keep children safe. If you have concerns about a child or suspect that a child is being harmed, it is your responsibility to report it.

Concerned about a child in Kingston or Richmond?

If you are worried about a child in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames or the Royal Borough of Richmond Upon Thames please contact the  Achieving for Children Single Point of Access and fill out the referral form or call on 020 8547 5008 (outside of office hours, please ring 020 8770 5000)

Kingston council children, families and young people services 

Richmond Council Childrens services 


If you or a child is in immediate danger you should always phone 999.

How SPA manage calls and new information concerning open cases 

In general, the SPA (Single Point of Access in Children's Social Care, AfC) has  a limited  role with cases open to children services.  Child Protection  concerns should be reported using the on-line SPA  referral irrespective of the status of the case, however case discussion should  only take place with the allocated team.     

  • If a partner  agency has  a concern regarding a child who has an allocated Social Worker, the best advice is to contact the  allocated  Social Worker or Team directly. If it is something that doesn't require immediate action,  send   an email  to the Social Worker and Team Leader .
  • If  professional  needs to speak to a social worker immediately and the allocated social worker is not available,   all teams have Duty  Social Workers, who should be  available.
  • If  a professional doesn't  have the  contact details for the Social Worker  they can contact the SPA and they can direct them to the correct team.
  • If a professional  identifies a new  Child Protection  concern on an  open case, it is best practice to do a  SPA referral so that there is a   written record. SPA will then put the contact on Liquid Logic  and assign  it to the operational  manager.  In such cases always speak  to the Social Worker or Team, if they are not available then the SPA can assist. 
  • All new information sent to SPA by the online referral or  to the SPA  in box are  put on Liquid Logic as contacts  and assigned to the operational team manager. All contacts need to be responded to within 24 hours. If SPA identify an urgent Child Protection concerns, they will  ensure that the team are aware as soon it is identified. 
  • While  the SPA Service is always happy to help, it is important to remember that SPA is  safeguarding and referral   hub and not  a  telephone contact center for AfC, however if necessary  SPA  will email urgent information to allocated team and put new contacts on Liquid Logic,  where appropriate.