Safeguarding Children Online

The use of technology, the internet and social media has now become a common feature in everyday life. The use of the internet can provide fantastic opportunities to the future development of children and young people. However, there can also be a darker side to it all making children and young people susceptible to being groomed or abused online. It may be difficult to keep up to date with the internet due to its constant advancements and changes. However, it is up to us as professionals, parents and carers to make sure that we know enough to safeguard children online. It is beneficial to put preventative measures in place now before it is too late.

There are many resources for professionals, children and young people, parents and carers that can be utilised to ensure that children are safeguarding online. It is important to remember that children and young people utilise the internet differently depending on their age, gender, sexuality, ethnic background or religious/cultural beliefs

Keeping children safe online is a priority for KRSCP. We are pleased to launch our updated Online Safeguarding Strategy and Guidance which includes information about the impact on social media on the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children, risks online and how to identify and respond to abuse online. Please see the Guidance below;

The current pandemic has brought additional complexities for teaching children online. To support providers with this we have developed Safeguarding Children and Remote Working Guidance. This document aims to provide education providers in Kingston and Richmond with standards which they should follow should they need to provide remote learning or support to students. The standards and guidance as a whole is based on government legislation and best practice guidance.

Further Resources
Watch an excellent film by Peter Cowley, AfC's esafety lead, on what schools need to know about helping young people cope with the pressures of social media:

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Sexting - Sexting describes the use of technology to generate images or videos made by children under the age of 18 of other children; images that are of a sexual nature and are indecent. 

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