Useful Information For Practitioners

Richmond and Kingston Safeguarding Childrens Partnership Supervision & Appraisal Prompt

Section 47 Child Protection Strategy Meeting Reminder

Information Hub on offenders’ families with children for professionals (i-HOP)

i-HOP provides a national one-stop information and advice service for all professionals working with children and families of offenders. i-HOP is a web-based knowledge hub supported by a telephone helpline, that brings together up to date resources, including: research, support service details, practice examples, policy frameworks, events and training programmes.

Free professionals’ helpline: 
0808 802 2013 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm)

Not Seen Not Heard Campaign

The Care Quality Commission  have published a review of child safeguarding and looked after children services in England. The review is the result of two years of research, looking into the quality of care that young people receive with local authority areas.

Children and young people in care, and those with safeguarding concerns, remain some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Yet not all get the help they need when and where they need it. 

They have a video telling the story of Brook (a fictional character)  and her journey through the system:

Growing Up & Transitions

As children grow to adulthood they may require support, particularly if they have received support in childhood. Visit this page for further guidance.

Police Full Test Code

Through local learning we know it is important for all practitioners to understand how the Police evaluates evidence. Sometimes, there is not enough evidence for Police to take an abuser to court, however this does not mean that abuse did not take place.  Find out more here

Find out more about child abuse which can be linked to faith or belief practices.
Click here.

The Ben Kinsella Trust tackles knife crime through education and campaigning and includes a wide range of resources for teachers and practitioners in both primary and secondary school  is an online resource from the Met police that aims to tech people about the dangers of carrying weapons and encourages people to turn away from violent crime.

Fearless is a website where young people can find non-judgemental information and advice about crime and criminality. It also offers professionals working with young people, training and resources to educate them about the effects of crime. This includes weapons,CSE and county lines. 

Street Doctors teach young people how to deliver simple first aid, which can and does save lives. By highlighting the death and significant injury association from violent crime, street doctors helps to discourage young people from carrying weapons in the first