Local learning from case reviews and our audit work in Kingston and Richmond, has highlighted the need to pay attention to issues of identity when working with families.  

About identity

Disability, ethnicity, class, culture, and history are all important in understanding a child and family, and how they live. It is important that any multi-agency network understands a family's basic information and identity. 

Key questions about identity:

  • Do we know how the family fits into their culture and society? 
  • Have they faced discrimination and prejudice? 
  • Do we have any stereotypes as we meet them?  
  • Are we making assumptions regarding language, history, or ability? 

A lack of understanding of the identity of the child and their family may lead to professionals overlooking situations or not effectively responding to them, that may put children at risk. 

Further information

The following resources may be helpful in exploring these issues further: