Our training is available for all professionals and volunteers who work directly with or have contact with children and their families in Kingston and Richmond. 

For detailed information on which level of safeguarding training is appropriate to your role, read the Multiagency Safeguarding training guidance. 


Safeguarding level 1 and a number of introductory courses over a range of topics are available as eLearning via the Me Learning platform.

For support with eLearning, email  

Local Multiagency Safeguarding Training 

KRSCP training is hosted by Achieving for Children's learning portal. Note this is separate to the Me Learning portal, which hosts the eLearning and therefore you will require separate accounts on each platform as applicable.  

For details of current partnership training, visit the AfC Learning Portal and use the inbuilt search tool with term 'KRSCP' and follow the instructions for how to book as required.

If you are a pre-existing user of AfC's portal you will be required to log in using the profile and password you created previously. If you need to create an account, you will need to submit an account request.

For assistance contact  

Webcasts and recorded events 

Watch our webcasts on a range of safeguarding topics. These can be viewed as part of your own continuing professional development, or as part of team meetings or other group learning. The webcasts aim to stimulate reflection, discussion and debate on current safeguarding themes and issues.

Our webcasts and webinars: