Think Family

The Think Family initiative was introduced by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) in 2008 following the Cabinet Office's 'Families at risk' review.

'At risk' is a term used to describe families who are experiencing multiple and complex problems, which frequently lead to poor outcomes for children within those families. 

The basis of the think family approach is to coordinate the response to families to: 

  • Identify families at risk of poor outcomes to provide support at the earliest opportunity
  • Meet the full range of needs within each family  
  • Develop services which can respond effectively to the most challenging families
  • Strengthen the ability of family members to provide care and support to each other
  • Develop a corporate responsibility for families incorporating a culture shift at all levels

See our 7 minute briefing for more information on the Think Family.

Also, you can watch this webinar on our Think Family approach: